Foreign Trade

Foreign Currency Loans
Manage your foreign currency risk and cost. For exporters to fund working capital or expenses of a capital nature. For importers to fulfill import requirements and acquire capital goods. The options for a foreign currency loan are worth exploring if your income and revenues are predominantly in a foreign currency.
International Trade Finance
BRED Bank facilitates both export and import trade through funded and non funded facilities and services. Funded options include Pre-Shipment and Post Shiipment Finance,Overdrafts, Term Loans, external Commercial Borrowing in Foreign Currency. Non funded products and services include issuing Performance, Bid Bonds and other Guarantees, facilitating Export and import letters of credit, Credit Reports on customers and suppliers, Collection and Payment of bills, managing Remittances, Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts and various other services.
We are specialists in Foreign Currency. We trade in most major currencies and will be able to supply your travel related cash requirements. We are competitive on exchange rates and fees for trade related foreign currency transactions. Our specialised and experienced staff will provide you with professional and quick service.
Safe and Convenient Easy to use refundable, excellent for budgeting and accepted worldwide at thousands of locations. Travellers Cheques are ideal when traveling in countries without an extensive ATM network. We issue travellers cheques in most major currencies.

DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS More Options for your Personal or Business Needs
At BRED Bank, we understand that when you are travelling or doing business around the world, you need options that make dealing in different currencies as easy as possible. Whether you make regular or occasional overseas trips or business transactions, have affiliations with international organizations, or simply have personal transactions to take care of, our Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts make it easy for you. We have both call and fixed term accounts.
Send money fast

Sending money overseas can be tricky. You need to make sure it gets to the right person as soon as possible. Likewise, if you are traveling and need money sent to you, then you need to be sure it arrives quickly and securely. We can help your money get to where it's needed.
Telegraphic Transfers
Transfer money electronically to major cities around the world with funds securely deposited into the bank account of your choice.
Drafts or Foreign Currency
Cheques Available in a wide range of currencies. BRED Bank drafts are accepted around the world, making them an easy andsecure way to pay overseas accounts