Professionals Segment

We recognize and appreciate the equitable value of your professional qualification, technical knowledge and experience

Whether you are a student pursuing a professional degree, a salaried professional or the owner of your practice, you have unique financial and other day-to-day banking needs. At BRED Bank, our experienced staff can provide you with professional expertise and financial management every step of the way - from studying and starting your career, to expanding your practice and planning your retirement.

Trust us to care for your practice
BRED Bank Professional Advantage - For Self-employed Professionals BRED Bank Professional Advantage will be a tailored and comprehensive banking package designed for you combining products and services to help you reach your financial goals if you are self employed..

Trust us to care for your career
BRED Bank Professional Advantage - For Salaried Professionals Throughout your professional career, your financial needs are complex and constantly changing. Whether you're looking for a personal account, personal loan, line of credit, mortgage or investment solution, your BRED Bank Relationship Manager will work with you to find the right solutions.

Trust us to care for your needs
You have invested in your careers, your professions and your business interests. We understand your determination to succeed and progress. We know your aspirations for life. We understand your lifestyle.